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Protusion Sensing with Compression Device
H = Protrusion


Measure and Monitor Stud Height

Monitor and Confirm Parts Presence

Programmable Stroke Length with use of Color Touch Screen.

Monitor and confirm rivet protrusion length with use of Color Touch Screen.

Monitor Force of Actual Forming Pressure.

Digital/electronically adjusted forming pressure.

Data can be Downloaded to a PC or Laptop via a data port.

Early Error Detection Reduces Reject Rates and Production Costs.

For process monitoring purposes, Taumel machines are equipped with:
Linear Scales (LVDT), Precision Sensors
and/or Strain Gauges and Load Cells.

The Taumel Forming Tool is used as a probe to measure and monitor the presence of correct fasteners etc.

The strain gauges and load cells are used to monitor the required heading forces.

Measuring Rivet-length
H = Protrusion L = Rivet-length


1) In set up mode the non-rotating stationary form tool is advanced until it makes contact with a known and qualified rivet/fastener

2) The probe/tool records the correct rivet length and will subsequently look for this dimension during the production cycle.

3) Rivet length tolerances will be digitally entered via the control touch screen.

4) Required forming depth will be digitally entered via control touch screen

5) Min. and Max. forming time will be digitally entered via control touch screen

6) Forming pressure is digitally entered via control touch screen

Forming Incrementally from a Measured Rivet-end Protrusion:

1) Forming tool and compression probe advance until contact is made with the rivet-end and the top of components.

2) Rivet protrusion is measured and checked.

3) Should the dimension deviate beyond the set tolerance span: the forming tool will retract to its home position; and an error message will be displayed on the machine's control touch screen.


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