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Ultra-Precision for Assembling Complex Parts

Stand-Alone Machine with X-Y-Z height-measuring and pressure-monitoring for precise and efficient parts assembly

Programmable X-Y-Z Control

Capable of measuring rivet protrusion and/or rivet and stud heights

Programmable stroke length to selected forming depth

Capable of sensing and confirming presence of rivets and studs

Data can be downloaded to a PC or laptop via a port on the rear of the control box

Capable of monitoring actual forming forces

Can store multiple assembly programs

Programmable forming pressure at each forming location

Unit provides early error detection to reduce rejection rates and production costs

Color Touch Screen allows easy programming

Utilizes Taumel's standard single-workplace machines

Taumel's innovative CNC Machines offer the ultimate in sophisticated X-Y-Z precision

Clear and simple to use Touch Screen for easy programming

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