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The following Links will let you download schematic files for each machine in ACAD version 14 format (DWG).

Please send us an e-mail if you need any other files.

T-161 Benchtop
T-161 Modular Unit
T-161M with Mounting Stand
T-251 Benchtop
T-251 Modular Unit
T-251M with Mounting Stand
T-251 Modular Long Stroke Unit
T-321 Benchtop
T-321 Modular Unit
T-321M with Mounting Stand
T-401 Benchtop
T-401 Modular Unit
T-401M with Mounting Stand
T-501 Benchtop

T-501 Modular Unit
T-501M with Mounting Stand
T-501 Modular Long Stroke
T-501 Floor Machine
T-626 Benchtop
T-626 Modular Unit
T-626M with Mounting Stand
T-626 Modular Long Stroke
T-626 Floor Machine
T-700 Hydraulic Benchtop
T-751 Hydraulic Modular Unit
T-751 Hydraulic Floor Machine
T-1000 Hydraulic Modular Unit
T-1000 Hydraulic Floor Machine

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