Taumel Bench Top Model T-626

Check these advanced features:

  • Bench Top Model, with Control Panel.
  • Heading Capacity: to 5/8" dia. (in solid, mild steel)
  • Infinitely adjustable cycle time
  • Infinitely adjustable headforming pressure
  • Built-in pressure indicator
  • Integral micrometer stroke adjustment
  • Height (coarse) adjustment
  • Fully automatic or semi-automatic cycling
  • Built-in circuitry for two-handed safety controls
  • Choice of proximity touch pads for cycle activation
  • O.S.H.A. compliance for safety and quietness
  • Simple tooling, easy set-up, long tool life
  • Easy maintenance (all commercial bearings,
    standard electrical and pneumatic components)

Technical Data:

  • Stroke: 0-1.75" by .001" increments
  • Cycle time: Programmable 0-5.0 seconds
  • Electrical 208-230/460V-3-60 Hz
  • Air Supply: 60-90 PSI
  • Standard Color: Sea-Sand Gray
  • Weight: 620 lbs.

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