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Taumel Orbital Forming System

Taumel was the Pioneer: it was founded, as a New York Corporation, in May 1967 for the express purpose of introducing and marketing the patented Orbital Headforming System, invented and developed by Mr. G. Bodmer of BK-Taumel.

Orbital Headforming offers many benefits and advantages over any of the conventional assembly methods. It is a noiseless forming and fastening process which replaces traditional riveting, staking, spinning, hammering, pressing, peening, rolling, welding, upsetting and coldheading operations—all with one machine. 

Today, Taumel Assembly Systems continues to supply a complete range of orbital forming machines, heads and tools for both regular assembly tasks and also for specialized custom purposes — all of them designed and precision-built in the U.S.A.

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Taumel is excited and encouraged by the innovation and advances in technology and the quality of manufacturing which are occurring in the industries which we serve.

Increasingly stringent requirements, mandated by government, place additional burdens on manufacturers (especially those in the Automotive, Aeronautical and Medical fields) to meet higher standards in manufacturing while maintaining efficiency and increasing productivity.

Taumel is proud to have been chosen by so many major companies to help them meet these new challenges.

About Taumel: Pioneers of Orbital Forming.