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bench machine

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Taumel Orbital Forming Machines

Taumel builds a complete range of orbital forming machines, heads and tools for both regular assembly tasks and also for specialized custom purposes.

The range includes Bench Models; Pedestal-mounted machines; and Modular units which can be configured to work from any angle.

All Taumel machines can be supplied with either simple, but highly accurate, Manual Controls for stroke, pressure and duration; or you can choose to buy them fitted with sophisticated PLC Controls.

pedestal machine

T-501F Pedestal Machine

Taumel Machines offer these advantages: 

• Heading Capacities up to 1.00" dia. (in solid,
mild steel) on our largest models.

• Infinitely adjustable cycle times.

• Infinitely adjustable headforming pressures.

• Built-in pressure indicators.

• Integral micrometer stroke adjustment.

• Height (coarse) adjustment.

• Fully automatic or semi-automatic cycling.

• Built-in circuitry for two-handed safety controls.

• Choice of proximity touch pads for cycle activation.

• O.S.H.A. compliance for safety and quietness.

• Simple tooling, easy set-up, long tool life.

• Easy maintenance (commercial bearings,
standard electrical and pneumatic components).


Modular machines paired to form both ends of an axle.

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